What She Said


    The fact of matter is, that it is either new or old. The extent of newness and oldness is relative but there is no in between. Your phone, house, relationships are either new or old. So, when i was relatively new to ways of life, i was confused. There were so many things changing and there were so many ways to adapt to those changes. At times we just need a little tug so that you don’t loose your path. And who can tug us better than our own grandma.
     It is no secret that many kids succumb to these pressures or they don’t know whom to look upto. On many such times, this is what she said:
     The time when i kept my wardrobe messy. She said that i was lucky to have one and my brand new baby sister was going to learn things from me. You bet, she had punched the right buttons. A week later when my little sister was home she saw a sister with a spick and span closet. It worked!
     The time when i was petrified about my first period. She was away in Bombay. She congratulated me over the phone.Her reassuring voice was enough to ease out all my fears. It worked!
      The time my skin broke out and my doctor told me to stop eating pickles. i can never forget her laugh. She said that i should accept all my body changes graciously. Keeping my skin clean was good enough and once i had passed a certain phase i would be acne free. It worked and still is!
     The time when i came back dead from the gym and dosed off before my dinner.
She asked about my workout regime. She was aghast at what the trainer was making me do.She said that i should eat healthy food in moderation and take forty five minute walks regularly. It worked and is still working!
     At the age of sixty eight, i observed granny more than anyone else. A mother of two sons and a beautiful daughter and a grandma to two grandsons and two granddaughters (that includes me), she was a bomb of energy. She ate three moderate meals and dotted on her coffee. She kept her metabolism up by filling on dry nuts and fruits every two hours a day. Her walks were non negotiable, She never lost her temper, never used hair colour and never found the urge to eat bakery products. Her only holidays were at Mahabaleshwar, once a year with my grandpa.
     Today at the age of eighty eight she is still my wise old granny. Her golden words have helped and shaped me. Someday i shall be a grandma too. I wonder if i can be half as awesome a grandma to my grandchildren as she was and still is to me.

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