The Offer

imageA Mercedes driver carried a grumpy woman, followed by an auto rickshaw driver who carried a dozen happy children.. The Merc driver parked the car at the side, opened the door for his Memsaheb as quickly as he could ( he feared angst from the lady perhaps). When the lady went into the shop the driver crossed the road and went up to the rickshaw driver who was dropping off a kid. He spoke to him for a bit and came back looking sad. I asked the Rick driver what did they talk about? He asked me if I could drive an automatic car and if I would like to swap jobs with him.

“He offered you his job?” I asked surprised. “What did you say?” I asked.”I can’t drive automatic cars,” the Rick driver said. “You should learn driving automatic cars, you’ll get more money,” I said. “I drove a BMW before I started driving this Auto rickshaw,” he replied.


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