Friends Forever “Not”



Friends Forever “Not”

You wrote that I read,

Believed what you said.

I made a difference to you just like butter would on bread.

You and I were to be friends “forever”,

I thought that was beautiful 

But you thought that was clever.

Little did I know that you would use me as a ladder.

To get to someone who was away from you,

but closer to me,

Oh! How stupid can I be?

I missed our  Sunday Strawberry Ice-creams,

And our night outs together,

I tried to tell you how much it hurt,

You didn’t care, for you had someone another.

You left me out all the while,

I missed to see you smile.

When I cried, you told the other,

“Leave her alone, just don’t bother,”

You thought I was being an emotional fool,

The truth is that I felt like the used tool.

The sad part is that you didn’t realise your mistake,

You believed it was no big deal, just a piece of cake.

Time has flown and I’ve grown,

One fine day you come knock at my door,

The other friend isn’t your friend anymore.

You want things to be as normal as can be,

But now all I have to say to thee,

Memories would’ve been etched even if it was us three,

Friendship needs no count,

All would’ve been well if you had heard me out.

Befriend a new pal,

Don’t use your old,

New ones are silver,

But old ones are worth gold.
















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