Ego and Impatience, the deadly combination.

Timeless learnings for the sensitive soul:
 The Ego and The Impatience, two deadly combinations in any relationship. 
1. Never succumb to anyone’s Ego and Dominance. It will make it hard for you to even recognise yourself. It will leave you bewildered, depressed and lonely. It will show you that side of you that you wish never existed. It will make you do and say utter rubbish. Might take years to get even with what follows next. (Still astonished and bewildered with myself) 
2. Handling Ego is through the head, Succumbing is because your heart is involved. 
3.If a person can’t forget your mistakes, can’t accept you with your flaws, can’t help make you become a better person, it’s time to make peace with yourself.
4.Love yourself unconditionally. No matter what others judge of you. If you know yourself what others think of you isn’t important. πŸ‘πŸ»
5.Be patient, patient and more patient. ( this is what I am learning) Calmness makes things a lot easier. Impatience destroys.
6.Learn from your mistakes. Life is your best teacher. 
7. Never stop caring. Everyone has vices and flaws. It doesn’t justify to stop caring. 
8.Look for positivity even in the most negative situations. 
9. If you are feeling pushed away/ ignored at any point in your relationship, there is a certainly a reason why you are feeling that way. Don’t ignore it, but be prepared for the insecurity that follows, with insecurity comes impatience. And that’s enough to make you a complete Idiot! Brains go dysfunctional. 
10. Just as Ego and Impatience are destroyers, Forgiveness and lots of communication are the makers. 
It might look hard to get up and go back to being yourself, but put a little effort into yourself, is all it takes to be your normal, sane self again. 
Relationships will thrive if they are destined to be. It’s important for the other person ( parent/sibling/spouse/friend/child) to value you too. If they don’t it’s their bad luck because sensitive souls are very rare to find. 
All the best sensitive souls…. Sensitive people are rockstars. So be your sweet, bubbly and peppy selves always… this planet needs more people like you!!! 


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