The Lopsided Affair

Affair, huh?….hmm… aha….! This must be steamy? Unfortunately NO! This isn’t about a romantic episode. Disappointed? Don’t worry I got news for you. This isn’t about the fiery passionate love But YES! It definitely is all about love. The love definition may not be as per the modern standards but it is the basics. It matches up to the Universal language of love. So please proceed to read this blog only if you believe in it and can help add your share of love.

This so called “Affair” started last afternoon near a Sandwich cart. Something banged into my car. I got off to see if anyone was hurt (was worried about the impact of the bang on my new car as well). A lump of mess stood there with her hands crossed so as to cover her face completely. She sobbed without waiting to catch a breath. I didn’t realise what had happened, until another Sandwich customer yelled at the teenage helper boy there. “Kyun mara be? (Why did you hit her?)”

“Pagal hain, customero ko tung karti hain (She is crazy, she troubles the customers).”

The customer threatened the boy that he would cancel his order for the way he had treated the girl. I took this a step further. I went and cancelled my order of ten sandwiches (already ready to be parcelled). I felt that the owner was equally at fault for not stopping his helper from the act of violence. He lost a business of Rupees Seven Hundred. The other customers sitting around also cancelled their orders, another loss of about Rupees Three Hundred (guessing the amount). Money isn’t important here, but it is a language people better comprehend too. A lecture given will not impact them as much as a monetary loss.

“Insaniyat kaha hain? (Where’s humanity?)” I asked the boy.

“Areee Madam, yeh pagal hain ( Madam, she is crazy)”

“Mujko tum pagal lagte ho, toh maru kya? (I feel that you are crazy, now shall I hit you?)”

Nothing much was said after that. Do you think that the boy was at fault? ..hmm.. No, he wasn’t, he was doing his job. The victim girl here, was actually bothering his customers to buy colouring books from her. His intention was right. All he wanted was his customers to be able to eat in peace. But his approach was wrong.

The boy did realise his mistake and offered a plate filled with sandwich and wafers. He also made an effort to nudge her to eat from it, before he returned back to his job. Her angelic face, which I could now see, was covered in grim and dirt (maybe she hadn’t washed it since months). Was she bathed and in a good pair of clothes, anyone would have thought she was one of the better privileged human beings trotting on Earth. This is the lopsidedness of our society. It would probably take another round of human evolution to stop this nonsense. And I would like to leave that for another day. Coming back to the little girl, she wasn’t giving up. She was all about self respect. She left the plate on the seat of one of the many parked scooters there. I couldn’t help but observe the girl. Every few seconds she would glance towards her plate and then turn her face around.

This little play of her’s with her plate of goodies could bring a smile to even the hard hearted ones. I called her and asked her in Gujarati, “Kem nathi khati? tane kharab lagyu ?(Why aren’t you eating? Did you feel bad?)” She was silent. She slowly raised herself on the tips of her toes, over the car’s side, to make sure that her plate was still there. She slowly nodded in affirmation. After she was convinced that the boy had realised his mistake and it was a cool thing to forgive, did she go back to her plate and began eating her crumb.

I felt powerful with the flow of positive energy that was now within me. I am no Mother Teresa, nor was the gentleman (who stood against violence) Saint Paul. But yet, something in the Universe had changed for that moment. The boy had learnt from his mistake, the girl’s belly was fed (temporarily), and I got my sandwiches. At least for a few minutes, all was well with the world.

I hope this “lopsided affair” at the Sandwich stall can inspire many. We wait for kindness and courage to come from others, the truth is that we, ourselves are well capable to be kind. If the motive of the human heart is true love, the courage to find and cherish it, will be there. The Universe is here to help us. Believe in the Divine.

Much Love to the believers of kindness and courage,




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