The Run

We planned,

And we planned more.

We fell,

We were hurt,

Our heart was sore.

So we decided to run away,

So as to never feel that pain.

We didn’t stop,

In sun or rain.

We drowned ourselves in work,

Or hid behind the cloak.

We let life slip by,

Imagine all the good fun we missed,

Just because we chose to be so dry.

We were so scared of that hurt again,

That we got stuck up in the bargain.

When the Universe gave us something so special,

something so sacred,

We chose to push it all away.

So this time we will do it different.

We shall follow our heart,

Right from the start.

Let the pain be felt.

We shall enjoy it.

Let love be felt.

We shall celebrate it.

We will be like a child,

The world will be our play ground,

To enjoy we have to be wild.


Nothing can be controlled,

So keep calm and listen to our soul.

You will know what is the best,

For only the Divine knows,

What is the next.







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