2+1 Reasons on Why to explore the Wild Side of India?

A big shout out to all those lovely adventure loving people! We often lead a life of discontentment.  Most of us sssshhhh our inner calling to surrender to those half a dozen excuses that keeps us in the rut. Ah! Those deadlines, meetings and of course those hundreds of e-mails make us feel that the world shall stop to cease without us. Such a waste? As it is widely put- “Balance between work, love and play are the wheels to mankind”. I would like to point out that we Bharat vasis (Indian Citizens) are privileged to have the best of the best flora and fauna served to us on a platter. And because abundant natural wealth is available at our disposal we often take it for granted.

Wildlife lovers from all over the world travel to India to experience the taste of the rich Indian treasures. The Kohinoor here is the majestic Indian Tiger. The enigma of this stripped mammal is enough to stop our breath. Though our Tiger boasts of being the most photographed mammal on the planet, India is also home to the Asian Elephants, One-horned Rhinos, Asiatic Lions, Snow Leopards, Gharials and over 170 endangered species.

Here are 2+1 reasons to enjoy the rewards of being an Indian. Explore the best side of India… because yeh nahi dekha toh kya dekh? (If you haven’t seen this then what have you seen?)

  1.  Our Birding Sanctuaries are fab! 

India has as many as sixty bird sanctuaries. The smallest one being in Porbandar, Gujarat. It is as small as 1 square kilometer only! Within this area there is a fresh water lake that attracts over 150 species of birds. Some of these are the Spoonbill, Cranes, Flamingos, and Pelicans. The other famous sanctuaries are Chilka Lake Sanctuary in Odisha, Bharatpur Sanctuary in Rajasthan and Thattekad in Kerela.



Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerela

The Asian-Paradise fly catcher birds…..Aren’t they beautiful? The violet hues around their cornea’s are not to be missed.

2. We have the BIGGEST mangrove forests in the world- The Sundarbans !

This is the rawest wildlife experience one can ever have. Sundarbans literary means ‘Beautiful Forests’. It is not only a home to over 400 Bengal tigers, but it also accommodates about 10 roaring rivers and the beautiful estuaries (where the streams meet the tides). Watching out for the River Dolphins is another experience all together.


3. We are super proud of our ever friendly Elephant and Rhino Parks!

Imagine herds and herds of these gigantic mammals! The Kaziranga National Park, Assam is located on the banks of Brahmaputra River. It has been a home to the endangered one-horned Rhinos and Indian elephants for over a 100 years now. The then extinct one-horned Rhino (only 12 were left in the world) has now grown to 2000.

Apart from wildlife, there are coffee and rubber plantations worth exploring.


The Kabini National Park, Karnataka is another beckon call for us to heed!

The list of other wildlife sanctuaries is just a Google away. None of these wanderlust heavens can be substituted by Facebook or What’s App… or any other software on this planet. What say? This blog is just a teeny tiny peep into the lushness, the fullness that nature has to bless us with.

You may visit:



Both Rathika’s and Shaaz’s work will assist to get a deeper insight of what we have and what most of us have yet to explore. Both these acclaimed photographers have brought justice to the magnificence of nature through candid images. Their work definitely speaks more than my words. Enjoy guys!

Much love- Nidhi






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  1. Reading this while going to resume ofc on a Monday morning… Making me feel back packing again 🙂 awsm write up.. (Y)

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